“Hills College has a safe community feel. Strength include College standards and leadership from the top.”

We love the small, multi national, co-educational school. Personalises each child and their characteristics with compassion, modern behaviour management and friendly, yet professional services.” 

“It's small, community based, staff are friendly and I know the staff know my children and me as individuals. I’m always greeted warmly.Thank you for the opportunites and support Hills has provided, it is such a friendly welcoming school.”

“Children are allowed and encouraged to be children. They are invited and accepted to be themselves; albeit in a safe,friendly and empathetic environment. Staff are very approachable and professional and extremely dedicated

“The IBO in the primary years sets children up for positive learning habits in senior years.”

“Small school environment & staff retention creates a strong teacher/pupil relationship over developmental years. All students then have a teacher in some area of the school with whom they feel a connection that can be relied upon.”

“I really love this school I have convinced not just one family but soon to be two families to enrol in the school. The teachers are excellent!”

“The Hills experience is unique. The faculty constantly strive to provide interesting, fresh, challenging learning and assessment tasks to a diverse range of students. All staff, including the administration and leadership team are committed to the quality, supportive and socially integrated development of a world citizen. I am very proud to have been a part of the Hills community.”

 “Personally I find it more important that my child is learning and developing to his best of his ability and is happy, content and eager to see friends and educators' each school day. That is exactly what is occurring thus we are happy parents with a happy, inquisitive little child!”

 “The staff are excellent and caring. Their open door policy with students and their understanding of their needs is better than any other school in the area. In my dealings with the head of primary and secondary, I am impressed at how welcoming they are and how well they know the students. They are always visible and take time to speak to both parents and students.”


2016-11-21, 14:12
“Hills College has a safe community feel. Strength include College standards and leadership from the top.”